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Price for Consulting Service

【Attention】 Our service price includes consumption tax.

  • Plan A
    Time charge

    ¥5,500 / 30min(¥11,000 minimum per consultation)

    For accounting, tax(both company and individual),and other business consultation , only when you need us.
    (Bookkeeping work is not included)

  • Plan B
    Monthly charge

    ¥16,500 / month

    Same service as <A> ,but you can contact us unlimitedly.
    (Consultation only by phone or online. But you can visit our office)

  • Plan C
    Monthly charge

    ¥44,000~ / month

    We visit your office monthly, to check your accounting data.
    Consultation not only about tax planning, but also about other business management as far as we can.
    You can ask us to visit you or you can visit us any time you like.
    (Bookkeeping work is not included)

Price for Tax Return

  • Annual Tax Return

    ¥165,000~ / year

    We check your accounting data , salary statements , agreements , invoices and other documents for tax preparation.
    Make closing adjustment entries if necessary, and advise you about the problems and improvements.
    After final meeting ,and final check , we make financial statements and file the Income Tax Return documents to both National and Municipal Tax office.
    *Our service price changes depending on the time we spend.

    See details

  • Annual Tax Return


    Contact us for details .

Tax Audit by Tax officer

  • We stay at your office during Tax Audit (2 days for company, 1 day for individual in average) to help you explain or claim to Tax officers(¥55,000 / day , only by your request) .


Statement of Rewards for Annual Tax Return

1: Preparation of tax documents

[Number of journal lines per month]
¥55,000 ・・・ Not more than 200 lines.
Plus ¥11,000 per 100 lines ・・・ More than 200 lines.

2: Tax proxy

[Number of journal lines per month]
¥110,000 ・・・ Not more than 200 lines.
Plus ¥22,000 per 100 lines ・・・ More than 200 lines.
[Additional Rewards]
  • Plus 10% per table except for Table 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 15 (minimum Base Tables)
  • Plus 20% per business establishment from the 2nd business establishment
  • As for unusual transactions like transactions in real estate, M&A, etc., additional amount shall be charged.

3: Consumption Tax entry

Simplified taxation:
¥33,000 flat
General taxation:
¥33,000 + 20% of above “2”

4: Reward per hour

¥11,000 per hour (free of charge up to 3 hours)

5: Year-end tax adjustment

¥22,000 (basic fee) + ¥2,200 per person

*Additional reward may be charged for a corporation of which capital is not less than 100 million yen in accordance with the relevant laws or regulations.

*As for interim tax return (provisional settlement of accounts for 6 months), the amounts of rewards shall be respectively 25% of those listed in above “1” to “3”.

These are just a few samples of our services, and we have more service selections that you can be satisfied.
So if you have any questions or requests, please be easy to contact us.

Sample price for a Small Company

1+2+4Corporation Tax Return
¥165,000(base fee) + *¥55,000(time charge) = ¥220,000
*takes 8 hours (for example) – 3 hours(free of charge) = 5 hours(¥11,000/h)
3Consumption Tax Return
5Year-end Tax Adjustment
¥22,000(base fee) + ¥2,200/person ×5person = ¥33,000

Total Yearly Price 1~5 = ¥308,000(estimate)

We don’t provide monthly bookkeeping service.
We can introduce you some of our affiliated Bookkeeping Companies by your request (¥2,200 ~¥3,300 per hour).


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